26cm Seamless Iron Frying Pan


Our Verdict

Solidteknics' bestselling skillet in their innovative Aus-Ion Satin range, loved by chefs the world over. Lighter and stronger than cast iron, this pan is an everyday kitchen workhorse, and versatile all-rounder.

Be sure to read our easy iron care guide here.


  • Made from seamless 3mm wrought iron
  • Made in Australia
  • Multi-century warranty
  • Exclusively sold in the UK by Buy Me Once
  • Half the weight of cast iron, but holds heat just as well
  • Compatible with all hob types, oven safe, open flame ready
  • Shot-peened for a satin finish and pre-seasoned in rice bran oil, creating a natural non-stick surface that improves with use
  • Solidteknics was named the #1 Best Frying Pan by The Telegraph
  • Each pan is engraved with the month and year of manufacture for heirloom collectibility
  • Size: 53cm length, 26cm width, 5cm bowl height. Weight: 1.6 kg. Please check your oven size before purchase.
  • For best results, season 2-3 times in the oven and 10-15 minutes on the stove before first use by watching the video below. Find our easy care instructions here.
  • A well-seasoned pan will be black in colour, though often patchy in reality. Seasoning will change overtime, and will continue to get better the more you cook. Looks aren’t important - these pans are built for performance.

    Solidteknics make unique cookware that combines outstanding performance with ultimate durability. Their pans and skillets are the first and only to be built from seamless wrought iron, anywhere in the world. No rivets, no broken handles, ever. Chefs and home cooks all around their native Australia have fallen in love with Solidteknics: a pan that cooks and seasons like cast iron, but at half the weight. Seasoning your iron pan is a straightforward process that creates a natural, renewable non-stick surface, and it just gets better and better with time. And to top it all off, each Solidteknics pan comes with a multi-century warranty.


    Shipping & Returns

    Solidteknics pans are sold direct through Buy Me Once. The pans are available for purchase within the United Kingdom and Europe. Standard UK Shipping is free. UK delivery can be expected within 3-5 working days. Orders from Europe may require up to 7 days.

    Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. To arrange the return, simply contact us here. Please include your name and order reference (to be found in your confirmation email). Please note returns are at your own cost, unless the item received is faulty. Any returned items must be in new (unused) condition and should include all original packaging. We will process your refund on the day, or next working day, that we receive the item.

    Please note that the returns policy is distinct from the lifetime guarantee, dutifully honoured by Solidteknics.

    Care Guide

    Caring for iron

    Iron care is different to how you’d treat stainless steel or non-stick - but it’s simple and easy once you know how. To protect the iron from rust and create a non-stick surface, it must be seasoned. This simply involves wiping thin layers of oil over your pan and cooking them on.

    For best results, season your Solidteknics pan 2-3 times in the oven and for 10-15 minutes on the stove before first use. Find our full care instructions here.

    As your pan develops its seasoning, it will turn black in colour and may be patchy. Seasoning will change over time, and will continue to get better the more you cook. Looks aren’t important - these pans are built for performance.

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