The Kids Winter Essentials Edit

Banish winter blues with this curated list of durable, kid-friendly items that will make winter enjoyable for little ones.

Keep Them Cosy

Brrrr… it’s cold outside! Winter means shorter days and longer nights indoors, which makes it a challenge for every parent and child wishing for the warmer months.

Fear no more. Here we’ve included a list of durable items that any parent can bring out to make winter enjoyable for little ones. We have indestructible winter jackets for outside excursions, pretty velveteen dresses made out of vintage fabric for special occasions and even handwoven baby blankets to snuggle up in!

For indoor activities, we’ve curated a list of toys and books that promote imaginative play, ensuring that children will enjoy winter as much as they love summer.

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Muddy Puddles

Muddy Puddles is a brand we absolutely adore! From cleverly constructed rain and snowsuits to insulated jackets and trousers, these products will keep your little ones dry and warm all winter. Unisex designs and sturdy materials mean you can pass these timeless garments down to younger siblings, making it a smart investment for every family.

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