The Mindful Home Edit

Your guide to mindfully curating your forever home.

Love Your Home Again

Living mindfully can be a challenge, especially if you’re unsure where to start. Perhaps you watched a Netflix show teaching you to toss things that don’t bring you joy, or maybe you heard a podcast encouraging you to live a simpler, non-materialistic life. We agree that both of these ventures is admirable, but are they sustainable?

Chances are that before now you weren’t concerned with how long the things in your life would last. Eventually, that sofa you bought because you liked the pattern in last year’s trend report will break and you’ll be stuck trying to find a replacement. This is the moment where BuyMeOnce shines. We can help you choose pieces more mindfully because we take ethics, construction, materials, aftercare, and classic design into account. Our Mindful Home Edit is a curation of our favourite long-lasting home decor; we guarantee you’ll find the item you need and that it will continue to spark joy in your grandchildren’s lives too.

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Lüks Linen

With a dedication to transparency, good ethics and high quality, you can’t go wrong with a cozy Lüks Linen product. Their blankets, peshtemals and cushion covers are handwoven by traditional artisans and are wonderfully multifunctional. Each hardy blanket can be used as a beach blanket, picnic rug, sofa throw, camping blanket or an attractive bed throw – your imagination is the limit! Lüks Linen also stand behind their products with an incredible 20-year free fixing guarantee.

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