The Summer Fashion Edit

A collection of timeless, long-lasting wardrobe essentials to see you through summer and beyond.

Summer Lovin'

For many the arrival of warmer climes heralds an excuse to shop like crazy, with hundreds of new styles, trends and bright colours bursting from every store. But how not to end up with a wardrobe full of flimsy flip flops and fleeting fashion items you'll never wear again? We think the answer is to work towards a capsule of key, timeless staples you will truly love, wear and repair to death. This curation is a celebration of those time-honored summer heroes that never go out of style.

Think classic florals, timeless shapes and durable but beautiful accessories. These are items to be cherished, not thrown to the back of the wardrobe and forgotten but lovingly packed away, ready to be unwrapped like a kid at Christmas when next summer rolls around.

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Maxwell Scott Lucca Leather Handbag

Neat and compact, super stylish and light enough to not weigh you down; this cross body bag by Maxwell Scott is perfect for summer.

Featured Brand: Davy J

Davy J make stylish and eco-friendly swimwear designed to take a beating from ghost fishing nets and other marine waste damaging our oceans. The concept originated from founder Helen Newcombe's frustration with flimsy suits that couldn’t ‘keep up’ with her adventurous side. We love both the innovative idea and meticulous execution.

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