Die-cast Zinc Pivot Head Razor, Strong Hair Set

By Shavent
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Do you have thick hair or a big beard? Ditch those feeble disposable razors. This premium reusable razor is designed to give you an exceptionally smooth, easy shave - for decades.

Set includes a razor, stand, Perma-Sharp razor blade supply and razor blade box.

  • Made of chrome-plated die-cast zinc, highly resistant to corrosion
  • Zinc naturally protects itself by developing a patina that gives it an exceptionally long lifespan
  • Designed in Italy, manufactured in Germany
  • Set includes razor and stand
  • Has the same shape as your favourite drugstore razor, with a triple blade and pivoting head
  • Pivoting head adapts to your contours, keeping the razor in contact with skin
  • Head holds up to three blades which are easy to change
  • Uses standard single-edge razor blades - use Shavent’s or another brand’s
  • Suitable to shave the face and the whole body
  • Clean simply by running water through the back of the razor; razor can be dismantled for deep cleaning

Want to cut plastic waste, but unsure about transitioning from your drugstore razors? Shavent razors offer the same shape, triple blade and pivoting head as your favourite brand - but they’ll last for decades. Designed to give you the smoothest, easiest shave of your life, these premium razors are also specifically crafted to last forever. Each one is made in Germany, where it is precision-engineered from die-cast zinc: a metal exceptionally resistant to corrosion. Ditch overpriced plastic and expensive shaving clubs, and your Shavent will pay for itself in no time.

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