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When you cook on iron, the food you make tastes better. It might sound mad, but it's true. You'll impress your friends while using the same recipes and ingredients.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Lovely pan, solidly built, and no problems seasoning it following their instructions.

Has quickly built up a solid no-stick layer, and even eggs fry with no issues.
— Seamless 26cm Skillet
Customer reviews
Awesome to cook Blue, Rare, Medium Rare, Medium or well done steaks and many other foods without any sticking. Water rinse off after and dry with paper towel.

Best Frying/sauce pans ever made! Worth the money as will never need to buy anymore.
— Seamless Sauté Pan

The multi-century warranty.

Our catalogue is filled with lifetime warranties - but these pans outlast all else, with an endless multi-century warranty.

They are designed to be loved, used every day, and passed on to the next generation.

With their seamless iron design it's no wonder. These pans have no points of failure.

Common questions, answered.


How do I season my pan from scratch?

Seasoning a Solidteknics pan involves first buffing a very thin layer of oil over the entire surface of the pan and baking it in your oven for 2-3 hours on maximum heat. Once out and fully cooled, you’ll need to do 2-3 rounds of stovetop seasoning, which means lightly buffing oil onto the cooking surface over a high heat, and then letting it cool.

There’s no magic number, but the more times you season the more non-stick your pan will be. Read through our easy Solidteknics care guide here and you can’t go far wrong, and this quick video guide is a helpful reference.

What utensils can I use to cook?

Unlike synthetically coated non-stick cookware, you can use any utensils you like with a Solidteknics pan including metal. The seasoning can sometimes be scratched, but will reseason naturally as you continue cooking with oil.

Will it fit in my oven?

The classic Solidteknics frying pans will fit snugly in most conventional ovens. It can be worth measuring if you're unsure, especially for the larger pans such as the 35cm All-In-One.

What’s the difference between wrought iron and cast iron pans?

Wrought iron is iron that has been heated and then worked into shape with tools, whereas cast iron is melted and poured into a mould. You can therefore achieve a much thinner design with wrought iron whilst retaining strength, which is how Solidteknics pans can be much lighter than traditional cast iron pans.

How do I stop an iron pan rusting?

Any iron pan can develop rust spots if left damp for an extended period of time. Your pan will never go rusty as long as it’s looked after properly, which means making sure it is fully dry before putting it away. Popping it back on the stove for 30 seconds after washing can help ensure there is no lingering dampness.