Meat & Veggies Blade Attachment

By Bamix

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Upgrade your Bamix hand blender with this meat and vegetables blade attachment - perfect for mincing small quantities of meat and fish, as well as fibrous vegetables like asparagus, rhubarb, and spinach.

  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Materials sourced from long-term Swiss suppliers
  • Made in Switzerland 
  • Saves space in your kitchen - no more clunky appliances for individual tasks
  • Attachment for the Classic 160W Handheld Food Processor by Bamix
  • Add to your Bamix with the Whisk Blade and the Meat & Veggie blade 

First sold in 1954, the brilliance of the Swiss-made Bamix is its versatility. Dubbed the ‘kitchen robot’ and beloved by chefs, this nifty handheld appliance helps you cut down on gizmos and gadgets by excelling at a wide range of food prep. Whether you want to chop, mince, purée, emulsify, mix, blend, froth, pulverise or whip, the Bamix has you covered. What’s more, each one is covered by an outstanding lifetime guarantee on the motor. This is a small but mighty appliance, guaranteed to go the distance whilst more than pulling its weight in the kitchen.

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