The Waste-Free Lifestyle Edit

A curation of products to help you on your journey to living a waste-free lifestyle.

In collaboration with Kate Arnell of Eco-Boost.

Kate Says...

To the untrained eye this edit might seem like a hodge-podge of seemingly unconnected products. But fear not, my friends. Each item has been carefully chosen thanks to its waste-saving powers; whether it’s a reusable alternative to a disposable (I’m looking at you, menstrual cup), a plastic-free option (hello beeswax wraps) or simply a well-made product that comes with free repairs or a lifetime guarantee.

Most items I have personally used or have been recommended by trusted friends and I hope you like them too. I often browse with my husband in mind as finding sustainable options such as underwear, jeans and accessories for him has been tricky over the years. Like most, he’s not one to compromise on style, and I believe the pieces featured in this edit would tick all his boxes (or should that be boxers?) too.

Living a zero-waste or low-waste lifestyle is about choosing items intentionally when needed and considering what materials they’re made from, how they’ve been crafted and their longevity, durability and repairability. Aside from renting, borrowing or thrifting, choosing new products that are designed to last is the next best thing. So, go forth, be inspired and choose wisely.

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Featured Brand: Klean Kanteen

I bought my first ever reusable water bottle from Klean Kanteen and we’ve had a blossoming relationship ever since. It goes everywhere with me! Each Klean Kanteen item is made responsibly using sustainable materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee. I’ve found investing in reusable items I love means I’m more likely to remember to bring them with me.

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