The Household Appliances Edit

Stretch out your replacement cycle with the longest-lasting appliances.

Make it Last

This edit probably isn’t for you. You probably don’t need a new toaster – the old one toasts fine. Your dishwasher still washes dishes. This edit is for the unfortunate few. To make sure your next appliance lasts, it’s worth investing in quality. Some of the upfront costs here will leave no eye unwatered, but a top-end Miele machine actually works out at a lower cost-per-use over it’s lifetime than its competitors.

The large household appliances we recommend come exclusively from Miele. We’d rather a more diverse selection, but in an appliance market that’s complacent on durability, Miele stand ahead of the field.

When it comes to smaller appliances, it’s all about the specialists. Dualit made their first toaster in 1952. Ankarsrum only make one product: their top-of-the-range 7-year guaranteed stand mixer. And the Richmond Kettle Company need no further introduction – breaking one of those is worthy of infamy.

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Featured Brand: Miele 

Miele’s long-lasting and high-efficiency creations storm away from the competition. Our two favourites are their washing machine and vacuum ranges, both tested to last 20 years. Their tumble dryers closely match those successful design principles, and Miele washing machines perform strongly in customer surveys.

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