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About the Campaign

This Black Friday, BuyMeOnce will lead a coalition of ethical brands to encourage mindful buying. We are the Green Friday Friends! We completely support shoppers finding products they need at lower prices, but we also stand against the mass manipulation which triggers impulse buying, hysteria and violence. By joining our voices together, we're cutting through the frenzy and the flash sales and spreading a message of consciousness.

As well as spreading our message of mindful buying, BuyMeOnce will be donating 100% of our Black Friday profits to Halte à L’obsolescence Programmée (HOP), who campaign for sustainable products and the end of planned obsolescence. Each of our amazing partner brands has also committed to donating a portion of their profits to HOP or their chosen eco-charity. Buy once, buy well.  

Our Friends

Sophia Faye Jewellery

Luks Linen

Lemuel MC



Atlas & Ortus



Joy Everley



Chan + Krys

Mini Bili

Earlywood Designs

JuniperBerry Kids

Both Barrels

little miss workbench


The Beeswax Wrap Co.

Your Brand?

Want to get involved?

Use our hashtag #GreenFridayFriends to get involved on 23 November.

Are you a brand? Contact us to join forces!

100% of our Black Friday profits will be donated to HOP

HOP (Stop Planned Obsolescence) is a French NGO which mobilises citizens and engages with decision makers to extend the life cycle of products and to promote alternative economic models concerning reusing, repairing and recycling.

Planned obsolescence is defined as a practice where manufacturers purposefully build their products with an expiry date so that consumers are forced to replace them. Products that are designed to fail cause environmental, social and economic problems. Planned obsolescence deprives citizens of the freedom to consume in a sustainable and responsible way and encourages a wasteful society.

In barely 3 years, HOP has gathered a community of over 35,000 people who have voiced their desire for durable and repairable products.

HOP fights planned obsolescence legally and has filed the first two lawsuits ever for planned obsolescence in printers and smartphones. HOP conducts investigations on different products (printers, tights, etc.) and encourages public policies for better durability and repairs. Thanks to HOP, the French government will enforce a repairable label which will be made mandatory on electrical and electronic products by 2020.