Leather Care Kit

2525 Year Guarantee. Made in the UK.

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All leather needs a little looking after in order to last as long as possible. This comprehensive leather care kit contains everything you need to ensure longevity and suppleness in your natural leather. 

This kit contains:

  • Tanner Bates Hide Food made in Walsall using Sedgwick's Tannery oils
  • Tanner Bates Liquid Wax made in the East Midlands
  • Applicator Cloth produced in Plymouth
  • English Horsehair Polishing Brush made in Walsall
  • Leather Care Leaflet detailing everything you need to know to look after quality leather products

Devon-based brand Tanner Bates are master leather craftsmen with a reverence for traditional technique, provenance and heritage. Though contemporary in design their pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, full of character and history and made to last a lifetime. The brand is known for their “specialty leathers,” often painstakingly sourced from smaller traditional tanneries across the UK and Italy, and their leathers are always full-grain, meaning they can bear small marks and imperfections from the animal the hide came from. Their pieces have the intoxicatingly strong smell of “real” leather, achieved through an age-old process of natural tanning using tree tree bark. It’s hard to find leather products constructed with more care and craftsmanship than these. 

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