Studio Locus

Designed in collaboration with Buy Me Once, our Studio Locus range represents uniquely timeless furniture, made specifically with longevity in mind. Handmade by a father and son team in West Sussex, these pieces are guaranteed for life, using quality materials in a super-sturdy construction.

We’re offering each piece in either solid oak, or beautifully veneered MDF. Studio Locus are experts in the artform of veneering; we wanted to demonstrate that long-lasting furniture doesn’t have to be made from solid hardwoods. Support UK craftsmanship, small makers and the preservation of traditional skills with these buy-for-life pieces.

  • Long lasting things

    Everything that we sell is designed to last by makers that care.
  • Made to be loved

    We want these things to be a part of the rest of your life.
  • Value for life

    It's better to buy less. Buy once and you shouldn't need to ever again.