AIAIAI undoubtedly make the best modular headphones on the market. Finding the most durable headphones was a complicated task for our research team. Clearly there are multiple components to go wrong, and regardless of failure, customers are often just keen to change their headphones. Perhaps to improve the sound quality, to switch to wireless, or just adapt the style.

We like that AIAIAI guard against all of those potential problems. Their entire range is Hifi-quality, which is essential for any serious headphone company. Because each part of the headphone is easily interchangeable, the design is future-proofed. Should you need to switch to a wireless configuration, add a microphone, or just upgrade the audio quality, you simply need to purchase an additional piece.

Best of all, if anything breaks within three years, it will be fixed or replaced for free. The BuyMeOnce preset has an additional year, to offer a market-leading four-year warranty.

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