Solidteknics: Light and Healthy Iron Pans with a Multi-Century Warranty

Solidteknics make uniquely durable cookware. Their pans and skillets are the first and only to be built from seamless iron, anywhere in the world. No rivets, no broken handles, ever. Chefs all around their native Australia have fallen in love with its cooking performance, while families are heartened by the natural, healthy non-stick. What excites us most is the durability. Each Solidteknics pan comes with not just a lifetime guarantee, but a multi-century warranty. We've never seen a guarantee like it.

Each pan is half the weight of its cast iron equivalent, but holds heat just as steadily. Once formed, a "shot blasting" treatment is used to bring the cooking surface to life. Thousands of tiny steel balls are fired at the iron, creating a subtly coarse texture. It's this texture that anchors the oil applied through seasoning, achieving a naturally healthy, completely chemical free non-stick.