Ten things that last.

Ten things that last.

Posted By Ben Manassah

Our team is driven by the idea that we might all live in a better world. A world where products are made to last, where we buy less, and each thing we own means more.

By now you know that we’re here to change the way that people shop. This year in pursuit of that goal we’ve done a fair bit of changing ourselves - hopefully you’ve noticed - and we want to keep pushing the boundaries.

We’re challenging the way sales are done. 

We know what this time of year means. It’s the time that major retailers would rather that you put less thought into your purchases. It’s quantity over quality, with unsustainable discounts leaving independent businesses vulnerable.

But at the same time, value has never been more important. We understand that profoundly. For the savvy shopper, this time of year can be a life-saver. Our question to ourselves was this. How can we give our customers something meaningful, without it compromising our challenge to overconsumption?

Our solution is this. Rather than making you think less, we’re asked you what you wanted on sale. Starting from November 20th we'll discount the things with the most votes, by as much as we’re reasonably able to.

We didn't put our entire product range in the poll, as we have an awful lot of products. Our long-list is based on the products you most visit and purchase, and omits several brands that honourably do not discount as a rule.

Starting Friday 20th November, we'll put one product on sale each day. Ten deals. Ten days. Ten things that last.

Make sure you're subscribed to receive emails from Buy Me Once. If you're not sure, sign up here. That will make sure you receive each deal as soon as it goes live. 

We'll also be updating this blog each day with updates.


Skeppshult Pepper Grinder 

Deal: £59.90 down from £79
About: The first day of Ten things is this fantastically solid cast iron pepper mill by Skeppshult. The ingeniously simple iron mechanism crushes peppercorns effortlessly, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. 

Dualit classic kettle


Deal£116.90 down from £145
About: For our second Ten things that last offer, you chose this Stainless Steel Classic Kettle.⁠ As you may know, this isn't an ordinary kettle. With a revolutionary replaceable element to greatly extend its lifespan, you'll be able to rely on it for years and years.⁠


 Piglet Dove Grey Ben Linen Bundle

Deal£195.90 down from £261
About: Day Three's deal is on this beautiful linen bedding set in elegant dove grey. We love linen because it's strong, supremely comfortable and it just gets better with age. Its breathability, weight and moisture wicking help to send you off a better night's sleep too.


ROK Manual Espresso Maker


Deal£111.90 down from £149
About: For Day Four's deal you chose this ingenious espresso maker - and it's one of our favourites too. Requiring no electricity or pods, this innovative machine has gained something of a cult following over the years. It's well-known for its distinctive and elegant design - but it's equally famed for making really, really good espresso.⁠


Skeppshult mortar and pestle


Deal£39.20 down from £49
About: For our Day Five offer, you chose this weighty little cast iron mortar and pestle.⁠ Solid, elegant and tough, it makes swift work of both wet and dry spices, with its broad, textured pestle.⁠


 GROUNDTRUTH Technical Tote Backpack

Deal£139.50 down from £186
About: Our customers voted in droves to discount this new buy-for-life technical tote by sustainable innovators GROUNDTRUTH.⁠ They're made of 100% recycled material, all the way down to the stormproof zips.⁠ We were so excited to showcase this new brand, we decided to offer a discount on the rest of the range too.
 Solidteknics Seamless Iron Pans
Deal £111.50 down from £139.90
About: It was no surprise to see our customers vote in this much-loved and best-selling seamless iron pan. We love the durability and outstanding cooking experience these iron pans offer - and the 26cm is the perfect size for everyday cooking. 
Piglet Linen Pyjamas, Blueberry
Deal £79 down from £100
About: Day Eight's offer was another runaway favourite in our poll.⁠ These cosy unisex pyjamas are made from 100% stonewashed French linen. Perfect as a special gift, or for lounging at home yourself.


Stellar Hard Anodised Roasting Tray


Deal£30.40 down from £38
About: This buy-for-life roasting tray was actually our most voted-for product.⁠ With a hard anodised coating that will never peel, flake or rust, these trays will be a trusty go-to for many Christmas lunches to come.


Love things that last.
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Deal: Coming soon. 
About: Coming soon. 

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