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The Sttoke reusable cup: the coffee drinker’s choice

Written by Jasmine Vorley

Check out why the award-winning Sttoke reusable cup the first choice for coffee nerds (including us).
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Reusable Food Wrap Vs. Cling Film: Which is the superior product?

Written by Georgie Crosswell

Here at BuyMeOnce we are, unsurprisingly, already sold on the idea of reusable food wrap. Whilst they are undeniably a great way to reduce your plastic waste, we can understand that concerns still abound. We wanted to take the time to dig into the issue and see just how reusable food wraps measure up when pitched alongside traditional plastic film. We’ll be looking at the environment, usability, usefulness, cost, and health risks, along with hints and tips for getting the most out of reusable wraps.
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