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The Jesus Range: Scandinavian Bed Linen with a 50 Year Warranty

Written by Georgie Crosswell

This collection of linen bedsheets by scandinavian brand Finlayson is called the Jesus Range; it was consciously designed to be as durable as possible down to the tiniest detail. Intrigued by the name? Yes, we were too. In fact there’s a very good reason it’s called the Jesus Range and it’s linked directly to why this was an instant BuyMeOnce star product.
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Duralex: Durability Icons Since 1945

Written by James Bates-Prince

Duralex make the most iconic, functional and long-lasting glasses on the market. Their story began in 1945. Growing fast from humble beginnings, word quickly spread about the glasses 2.5x stronger than the competition. Now their tempered-glass tumblers are famous all around the world, and we’re delighted to add them to our collection.

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