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Made in the UK: The new home of fast fashion?

Posted By Lily Courtauld

The Guardian’s Sandra Laville this week delved deeper into Boohoo and their production practices. It’s emerged that the brand produce one of their hero pieces, a bandeau dress coming in at a whopping £5, at a factory in the UK. ‘Made in England’ has always been a badge of honour and carries with it an association of quality and craftsmanship, expertise and trust. But we have to wonder: when a dress costs the consumer £5, who’s left paying the rest of the bill?
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7 Reasons Why a Maxwell Scott Bag is a Great Lifetime Investment

Posted By Georgie Crosswell

A good handbag or briefcase can make you feel instantly put together and ready to take on the world. Whilst we don’t encourage disposable fashion, we do believe in carefully choosing good pieces and investing in personal style. Rather than pouring hundreds of pounds into designer bags that might be on trend for a year or two, we think a timeless Maxwell Scott bag - warrantied for 25 years - is worth every penny. Here’s a few reasons why.
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