Stuff Their Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts

Stuff Their Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts

Posted By Amanda Saxby

Filling their stockings can be one of the most challenging aspects of Christmas gift-giving. You want to find them things that are useful and fun, yet they need to be small enough to slip inside a sock. Oftentimes, for a lack of any inspired brilliance, we end up buying fiddly gadgets, tiny trinkets and bits-and-bobs we toss aside two days after Christmas. Well, no more! Here are nine incredibly small gifts that are fun, thoughtful and perfect for everyone on your list.
Words: Amanda Saxby
Stuff their Christmas Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts |


BuyMeOnce has long been an advocate for Davek’s phenomenally engineered umbrellas, and we’re doubly excited about their pint-sized version! This mini umbrella conceals all the strength of a raging fire. It can weather the force of a great typhoon. And it mysteriously fits into a compact 7-inch parcel. Suitable for anyone on your Christmas list – young or old, man or woman – Davek’s mini umbrella comes in a plethora of colours and provides stylish pocket-sized protection on the go.

Stuff Their Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts |BuyMeOnce


Quick show of hands: who’s received underwear for Christmas? Probably most of you. And rightly so – a new pack of panties or boxers makes for a fantastically practical gift. Sloggi’s line of EverNew products are the perfect choice. They’re made with high performance premium fabrics and are designed with fit, comfort, smoothness, colour brilliance and shape retention in mind. Plus, Sloggi are so sure you’ll love their garments that they’ve backed the EverNew line with an unconditional, unlimited lifetime guarantee. Fresh drawers for a fresh year.

Stuff Their Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts |BuyMeOnce

Stuff Their Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts |BuyMeOnce


Do you have a jogger or marathon runner on your stocking stuffer list? How often do they complain about near run-ins with cars, bicycles and/or small nocturnal creatures during their evening or early morning training? Enter the Million Mile Light – this petite piece of battery-free innovation operates solely off of your kinetic energy. As you run, the light activates with every step, keeping you safe from oncoming traffic and curious foxes. It’s truly a lifetime gift in a tiny package – the LED bulb will shine for 200,000 running hours, and it’s protected by a 5-year guarantee.


We love toys that can be passed down from generation to generation. Here at BuyMeOnce, we make a point of trying to find the best heirloom toys for you to present to your children, even ones that are tiny enough to fit inside a Christmas sock! This cute pink wooden rabbit from Sarah & Bendrix is one such toy. Crafted from polished, unvarnished Beech wood, Madeleine is ready to provide hours of creative, imaginative play for your little one. She can even be gifted-wrapped in a personalised cotton bag, which can be used to store her between play. (Similar products are available on Sarah & Bendrix’s website in white, blue, yellow, black, grey and naked wood.)


If you know an outdoor-enthusiast, check out this stocking stuffer idea. Whether you’re camping, hiking or simply chowing down takeaway, a spork is a brilliant, eco-friendly item to have on hand. In addition to cutting down plastic landfill waste, sporks are a fantastic all-in-one tool for any outdoor activity or event. TimberBrother’s spork is made of titanium, one of the toughest and lightest alloys on the planet, so it can easily be popped into a handbag, backpack or pocket and carried around without any struggle.

Stuff Their Stockings with Lovely, Lasting, Little Gifts |BuyMeOnce


If your S.O. frequently complains about lost or broken emory boards, slip one of these super durable and low maintenance crystal nail files into their stocking. Traditional nail files can leave the nail edge rough or uneven, but the crystal file smooths and seals the nail completely, meaning nothing will catch or split. Classy Lady’s glass nail file is a present you’ll only buy once – the glass won’t wear down, so you’ll never need to replace it. Give the gift of a perfect manicure this year and for many years to come.


To the environmentally-conscious gardener, this paper plant potter from Nether Wallop would be a dreamy stocking stuffer. Forget all about those flimsy, cracked, rarely-recyclable plastic pots. The paper potter helps you create your own miniature plant pots from old newspaper – they’re strong enough to help nurture delicate seedlings, and they can be planted straight into the garden where the newspaper will biodegrade after one year. The potter is crafted from two pieces of solid oak without any breakable parts.


The classic Fisher Bullet Space Pen is the ultimate stocking stuffer for writers, journalists, architects and space junkies – the original Bullet pen was used aboard the first manned Apollo mission in 1968! All Fisher pens are handcrafted in the USA and able to write underwater, over grease, at any angle, upside-down, in extreme temperatures ranging from (-30°F to +250°F) and in zero gravity. These pens are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects and write for three times longer than the average pen.


From lighting taper candles on the Christmas table to toasting marshmallows on a warm summer’s eve to igniting that pilot light that just refuses to stay lit, lighters are handy all year long. For another great practical gift, why not slip a Zippo into their stocking this year? Zippos are not only more environmentally-friendly than plastic lighters – they can be refilled and arrive gift-boxed in recycled packaging – they are also exceptionally durable. The Armor Zippo is particularly robust. It’s case is nearly twice as thick as a regular Zippo lighter’s case, making it difficult to damage, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Engrave this lighter with a special message to make it an heirloom gift.


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