Spotlight: Ingersoll Watches

Spotlight: Ingersoll Watches

Posted By Georgie Crosswell

Few things pull together an outfit like a good watch. A watch should be timeless and sophisticated, exceptional yet understated enough to be an effortless extension of your arm. Most importantly, it should be sturdy enough to stand up to the rigours of daily life.

Original American brand Ingersoll actually manages to balance all these different factors. We love the lifetime guarantee on all their post-2016 models, but Ingersoll also offers simple, luxurious designs, premium materials and a fascinating history to boot. in

Ingersoll is one of America’s oldest watchmaking companies. Originally based in New York City, the Ingersoll brothers were pioneers of industry and innovation, perhaps best known for launching the seminal $1 watch in the late 1800’s which was sold to over a million people; this was the ultimate manifestation of their overarching ethos, to offer quality to the public at an affordable price whilst hanging on to real quality and credibility. 

This brand has a remarkable history. They invented the world’s smallest existing pocket watch, one of which now resides in the New Delhi museum. It was Gandhi’s choice. Ingersoll also invented the first ‘Radiolite’ glow in the dark watch, the first ever military watch designed with the cooperation of the armed forces, and the first Mickey Mouse watch to be officially licensed by Disney.

Today, Ingersoll honours the historical prowess of their founders with a dedication to delivering precision timepieces of exquisite quality. Whilst you won’t find any more $1 watches, all models launched after their Autumn/Winter 2016 range come with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind and at a price much more affordable than most luxury watch brands. Ingersoll watches lifestyle image

We love the way Ingersoll’s modern collection combines luxury with practicality. Their designs surpass the ordinary to give a feeling of simplified luxury and essential quality; you won’t be looking back at your Ingersoll watch in twenty years cursing your weakness for fads.

With Ingersoll you get the weight of history combined with the weight of a lifetime guarantee. But most satisfying? The weight of a meticulously crafted precision timepiece on your wrist.

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