Shop Independent: Maxwell Scott

Shop Independent: Maxwell Scott

Posted By Ben Manassah

In the next couple of weeks we'll be sharing some stories from our amazing community of independent brands. We want to showcase how they’ve been staying positive in the past few weeks, as well as tackling the challenges coming their way.

Maxwell Scott

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For luxury bag makers Maxwell Scott, the worldwide lockdown has posed a particular challenge. Not least because all their products are handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy, from the highest-quality Italian leather.

We got in touch with them to find out how their supply chain has been affected and how they’re keeping their spirits lifted.

“As all of our Italian luxury leather products are handmade in Italy, our production has ceased in line with guidelines from the Italian government,” sales manager Charlotte tells us. “Whilst we cannot manufacture until restrictions are lifted, we do hold a good level of stock ready in Italy and we have been lucky enough to receive weekly deliveries”

Maxwell Scott have a longstanding relationship with the people who make their products, so recent events have been really worrying beyond the business implications.


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“All of our Italian colleagues and craftsmen remain in good health which is reassuring,” says Charlotte. “We have worked with the leather tanneries and craftsmen in Italy for so many years they are like an extended family, and we will continue to support them through these difficult times and for many years to come.”

In the UK, all Maxwell Scott staff have been working steadily from home, whilst the fulfilment of orders from their head office is being carried out safely with social distancing in place. The team have been full of admiration for the delivery services who are keeping the flow of goods going and providing daily smiles.

Maxwell Scott’s biggest challenge? “Being able to commence the production of products again to meet demand," Charlotte tell us. "Whilst we hold a good stock of products ready in Italy, our handmade Italian leather products, due to their quality and attention to detail, take time to make.”

And what’s keeping morale high? “We have received many messages of support from customers around the world, and also messages from many people who have not heard of our brand before. These well wishes from around the globe have really had a positive impact at such uncertain times.”

“One customer messaged us to let us know he was over the moon with the delivery of his new briefcase - even if his only commute right now is from the bedroom to the living room. He cannot wait to take it for a spin on his first day back at work!”


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“Another lady from the US was very thankful we arranged a special birthday gift for her son. As they are self-isolating apart she really didn’t want to miss his milestone birthday, so we arranged a personalised gift to be wrapped along with his mother's message to reach him in time for his big day.”

“All in all, everyone around the globe has been so supportive and appreciative of the work we do and the lengths we go to during these uncertain times. Even though we are working in exceptional circumstances we still like to go that extra mile where we can.”


Maxwell Scott are makers of premium quality leather bags handmade in Tuscany, a region that has been considered the beating heart of beautiful leather for over 200 years. Each bag comes with an outstanding 25-year warranty, but with care, we expect them to last you a lifetime. Blending a luxurious, traditional quality with considered British design, Maxwell Scott bags are a lifetime investment in style, quality and utility.

You can support Maxwell Scott and other independent brands by visiting our Shop Independent collection.



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