Ah, wedding season. It’s finally here. Warm weekend afternoons and the promise of emotionally-charged ceremonies, delicious food and questionable dancing aplenty are in store, dear friends. Toggled to wedding fun comes responsibility and much to consider from outfits to accommodation, not to mention what clever, personally-nuanced gift to purchase for the bride and groom.

I’m fairly sure I’m not alone in feeling that wedding lists can be a little boring and sometimes impersonal. One of the wonderful things about the best presents is that the bride and the groom will think of you, the genius purchaser of the perfect gift, with a smile when they use and appreciate said ideal item. The present should add value to newly intertwined lives of husband and wife team, either through usefulness or downright joy. Preferably both.

I’m thinking of my own personalised chopping boards given to us by a dear friend, a treasured painting by a talented artist aunt and a beautiful rug from exotic Bangladesh that makes me smile as soon as I walk through my front door. Gifts needn’t be over the top and fancy, but they should be thoughtful.


Kitchenware with a difference. Aside from the multi-generational guarantee on all their pans, this Solidteknics wok makes a particularly brilliant wedding gift thanks to its cheeky little “love handles”. Formed iron cooking perfection forged in Australia with love; this is a practical and amusing heirloom gift. From stir-fries to stews and curries, many a happy storm will be cooked up with this bad boy in their kitchen arsenal.

Wedding Gifts to Outlast Newlyweds | BuyMeOnce.com


Every pair of newlyweds undoubtedly needs a proper set of grown-up dining crockery. People rarely buy crockery sets for themselves; they are always wonderful and joyful to receive thanks to their perennial usefulness. This set is special, yes, but it needn’t be confined to some unreachable cabinet in the sky for display purposes. Each piece is crafted from Derbyshire clay and completed with Denby’s secret glaze to give it unfailing durability as well as effortless good looks.

Wedding Gifts to Outlast Newlyweds | BuyMeOnce.com


A statement wedding gift if ever there was one. The Rok Presso will add style and flair to the couple’s’ happy home. Made from high-strength metal alloy, this coffee maker will easily go the durability distance. Who needs wasteful capsules, a plug socket or indeed George Clooney to have wonderful coffee? The Rok Presso set offers everything you need to make your ideal cup of heaven – this is a gift that true coffee lovers will be obsessed with.

Wedding Gifts to Outlast Newlyweds | BuyMeOnce.com


No home is complete without a stylish throw draped artfully over a comfy sofa or bed. Luks Linen’s Damla throw is woven using artisanal techniques in an iconic diamond design to create a look that is geometric, authentic and timeless. The only tricky gift choice facing you now is which of the gorgeous colours to go for.

Wedding Gifts to Outlast Newlyweds | BuyMeOnce.com


Ok, we know there are fancy phone docking stations and portable speakers out there, but none have the charm, elegance or downright coolness of the Bamboombox (Not to mention its eco credentials!) No messy wires, adaptors or plugs needed – just a phone and some sweet tunes. Let the awesome power of the Bamboombox amplify and transform their musical experience, from kitchen discos to lazy weekends at the beach.

Wedding Gifts to Outlast Newlyweds | BuyMeOnce.com

June 01, 2017 — Lily Courtauld