Discover sustainable luxury with Elvis & Kresse

Discover sustainable luxury with Elvis & Kresse

Posted By Lily Courtauld

Elvis & Kresse is a BuyMeOnce brand to its core. They create beautifully crafted luggage and accessories from ultra-durable, reclaimed materials.


Decommissioned fire hose, salvaged from British Fire Brigades, is at the heart of everything they do. Elvis & Kresse re-work this sturdy hero into timeless, useful designs that are made to last – the hose has survived blazing infernos after all. Elvis & Kresse work with other reclaimed materials too: printing blanket, luxury leather offcuts, auction banners and even parachute silk are all reformed into desirable and useful accessories.

Discover sustainable luxury with Elvis & Kresse|

The pieces are inherently durable thanks to the materials they’re constructed from and, to boot, Elvis and Kresse firmly stand by the quality of their products by offering free repairs for life should you ever have the need. Each piece is made between the brand’s own studios in England and Turkey. Production is meticulously considered and protected, ensuring unfailing quality across the whole collection.


But what does a bag or belt of fire hose actually feel like? We can report that it has a smooth and supple feel and, while its innate strength and durability are evident, the pieces themselves are incredibly light and comfortable to wear. Timeless, enduring styles are the focus; each piece is as functional as it is elegant and each one transcends generation, gender and season. Look out for familiar bag styles like briefcases, messengers and totes. Luggage shapes are simple and sleek – a particular favourite is the weekend bag.

Discover sustainable luxury with Elvis & Kresse|


In 2017 Elvis & Kresse announced a five-year partnership with The Burberry Foundation to address the widespread issue of leather waste. The heritage British brand has committed to donating leather offcuts where they will be repurposed and find new life with Elvis & Kresse. Look out for the cleverly named ‘Fire and Hide’ collection where you’ll see beautiful leather hand woven into a patchwork design and trimmed in their signature fire hose. We love that an established luxury giant is giving consideration to its manufacturing process and has the courage to put its own materials into the hands of another brand. An inspired collaboration.

So far, Elvis & Kresse have rescued over 170 tonnes of material that would otherwise be destined for landfill. In the last ten years, not one of London’s decommissioned fire hoses has gone to landfill. This is an extraordinary figure. And as if it wasn't enough to rescue high-quality materials from an early demise, Elvis & Kresse also donate 50% of their profits to extremely worthy projects like the Firefighters Charity.

The Elvis & Kresse mission and motto is to 
Rescue, Transform and Donate. We couldn’t be more supportive. View their full collection here, all available to buy on BuyMeOnce at your discretion.

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