Shopping for the perfect wedding gift can be quite tricky. We love a traditional gift registry (it ensures the newlyweds get the things they need and want), but they’re becoming less and less common. And what if you have a gift list to work from, but all the good options are already taken?

Weddings are a unique gifting occasion - gift-givers are setting up the couple for the rest of their lives, after all. Something that might usually be deemed too ‘practical’ for a typical present, such as a cutlery set, will be welcomed. And depending on how close you are to the happy couple, you might be looking for something that extra bit special.

This is why long-lasting ‘forever’ items make such perfect wedding presents. They represent quality, practicality and craftsmanship - and are also symbolic of the lifelong commitment of marriage. What better way to celebrate a couple’s union, than with an item they’ll make new memories with every day for the rest of their lives?

We’ve split our wedding gifts longlist into our favourite lifelong treasures for their kitchen, their home or for the happy couple themselves. From honeymoon luggage and handmade chopping boards, to matching dressing gowns and brilliant appliances, we’ve got a gift to suit newlyweds of all tastes.

P.S. If you're an engaged couple looking for gift list ideas, you’re welcome here too!


For their kitchen


Peugeot Paris pepper mill

These lifetime guaranteed salt and pepper grinders.

When you picture a pepper grinder, you’re probably thinking of a design like these Paris mills by Peugeot (yes, that Peugeot - they were making grinders long before they got around to cars). That’s because they’re the original and best. With a lifetime guarantee on the hardened steel mechanism, these salt and pepper mills can even be adjusted for coarseness. The perfect pair for the perfect pair.

Magimix food processor

A really, really good food processor.

Proper appliances that last forever aren’t a thing of the past - and they make ideal wedding gifts if you’re ready to splash out. French-made, with the longest guarantee out there, Magimix food processors are paragons of quality. These appliances carry a 30 year guarantee on the motor, and a 3 year guarantee on the rest of the parts. They’re designed for repair, and Magimix keeps spare parts for their machines for decades. We’ve also got an outstanding Magimix juicer with the same guarantee.

Solidteknics frying pans

Our ultimate iron pans.

Our bestselling Solidteknics pans make great wedding gifts - they're the kind of thing that just gets better and better with age (that’s a nice metaphor to put in the card). Made from one seamless piece of iron, they’re incredibly tough - enough to have a multi-century warranty. For a do-it-all frying pan, gift them our 26cm Seamless Iron Frying Pan. Or, size up with the family-size 30cm. Really want to splash out? Go for the full Bestseller Set of three essential pans.

Furi kitchen knives

Super-sharp kitchen knives.

You can’t go wrong with a set of great knives. Designed by the same inventor of our Solidteknics pans, our Füri knives use the same principle of seamless design to last longer. Combining elements of Western and Asian knife styles, they feature Japanese steel blades and patented ergonomic grip handles. Treat the newlyweds to the full set of six Füri knives, or select the perfect combination of individual blades.

Forest & Forge kitchen knives

…Or a set of luxurious British-made blades.

For a knife set that’s extra special, British knifemakers Forest & Forge make theirs from quality Sheffield steel and a range of native Yorkshire hardwood handles. The full Chef’s Set contains all the blades they’ll need to kit out their kitchen. If the whole set is a little pricey for you, we recommend the Olive Ash Chef’s Knife as a super-versatile workhorse. All Forest & Forge knives carry a lifetime guarantee.

Dualit toaster

These British-made toasters.

Hand-built in the UK since 1945, Dualit’s award-winning toasters are a true testament to British engineering. They’re fully repairable, with each part designed to be disassembled and replaced. In an iconic retro design, every toaster is even labelled with the name of the person who built it - a surefire way to make an appliance something unique. Available in a two-slot or four-slot version, or in a gift set with Dualit’s award-winning kettle.

SAVEUR Selects Dutch oven

A unique Dutch oven.

A beautiful enamelled pot is a lifelong kitchen companion any couple would delight in receiving. Our Dutch ovens by SAVEUR Selects feature lightweight double-walled stainless steel lids that keep the pot from being too heavy, and insulate its contents for efficient cooking. Available in three beautiful colours, these pans come in a range of sizes.

GT Woodshop chopping boards

These handmade chopping boards.

Made by a husband and wife team in Cornwall, these ‘end grain’ hardwood chopping boards are a true labour of love. Each one is made from perfectly-cut pieces of wood, painstakingly glued together and then put through an extensive finishing process. Thick, durable and beautiful, they’ve been made to last a lifetime and more. Available in a range of sizes, in classic oak or gorgeous dark utile wood, all responsibly sourced.

Peugeot coffee grinder

A French-made hand coffee grinder.

If this couple loves coffee, let them discover the joys of grinding their beans by hand - it really makes a difference. With an adjustable setting to control coarseness, this Peugeot coffee grinder has a hardened steel mechanism covered by a lifetime guarantee. It’s sure to become a staple in the newlyweds’ joint coffee ritual. 

Denby ceramic cafetiere

This ceramic cafetiere.

Or, let them share a lifetime of brews made in this beautiful ceramic French press. No more cracked glass or plastic cafetieres - this one is built to last, made from super-tough stoneware ceramic. Want to make this gift extra special? Upgrade to the Studio Blue Cafetiere & Mug Set, which comes complete with two matching mugs for the newlyweds.

Bamix hand blender

A do-it-all Bamix.

This is no ordinary hand blender. First sold in 1954, the brilliance of the Swiss-made Bamix is its versatility. Dubbed the ‘kitchen robot’ and beloved by chefs, this nifty handheld appliance helps cut down on gizmos and gadgets by excelling at a wide range of food prep. It even carries a lifetime guarantee on the motor, making this a wedding gift that will become a kitchen staple over years of use.

Skeppshult cast iron pepper grinder

This heavy-duty cast iron pepper grinder.

Heavy and solid, this bestseller crushes peppercorns effortlessly - and will look great on the newlyweds’ kitchen worktop too. Like all our Skeppshult cast iron products, this pepper grinder has been handmade in Sweden in Scandinavia’s last cast iron cookware forge, which is run on green energy. It pairs perfectly with its elegant matching salt container.

ROK manual espresso maker

An ingenious manual espresso maker.

Give a gift that’s truly unique with this brilliant piece of buy-once engineering. The ROK Manual Espresso Maker requires no electricity and no pods to make great espresso: simply pour freshly boiled water into the top section, slowly pull up the arms, and then press down again to pull your shot. Available in chrome or black, or in a gift set with ROK’s outstanding coffee grinder.

Dualit kettle

This multi-patented repairable kettle.

How many times will this couple put the kettle on in their years of marriage? A kettle isn’t just an appliance - for many, it’s the heart of their home, and something to turn to for comfort and routine. Our Dualit kettle, with its sturdy design and changeable element, promises to see these newlyweds through many years of service. It’s quiet and fast too.


For their home


Transparent Speaker

A hi-fi home speaker made of glass.

If you really want to push the boat out, the Transparent Speaker represents Scandinavian minimalism at its finest. Made from tempered glass and a single aluminium uniframe, it offers incredible room-filling sound. And with a futureproofed, upgradable design, this is something the happy couple can enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Luks Linen peshtemals

These multipurpose Turkish towels.

These traditional peshtemals, or Turkish bath towels, are light and quick-drying, and have a myriad of other uses too. Perfect as a throw, blanket, sarong, tablecloth, wrap or beach towel - the newlyweds are sure to come up with all sorts of uses for theirs. Our handwoven peshtemals by Lüks Linen are made the traditional way, in Turkey, by family-run ateliers in renowned cotton-growing regions. They even come with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee.

Merino wool bedding

Luxurious pillows stuffed with Merino wool.

Quality bedding is a simple way to improve someone’s everyday quality of life, making it a great gift to treat newlyweds. Filled with 100% Italian Merino wool and encased in organic cotton, these pillows have temperature-regulating properties that aid a restful night’s sleep. Accompany a pair of pillows with a Merino wool duvet, or even a mattress topper, for cosy nights year-round.

Duralex glass tumblers

These tough tempered glass tumblers.

Instead of another box of champagne flutes, give the couple some glasses that are both sophisticated and practical. These classic whiskey tumblers by Duralex are made from tempered glass, meaning they’re resistant to drops, knocks and thermal shock. Practical enough for everyday but elegant enough for special occasions, they’re sure to be a lifelong staple. Check out the full range of Duralex’s affordable French-made glasses here.

Dip and Doze premium organic Fairtrade cotton bedding set


These Fairtrade organic cotton bed linens.

A luxurious set of bed linens will always be a well-appreciated wedding gift. This set by Dip and Doze is crafted from the finest quality organic and Fairtrade cotton, which is smooth, soft and durable. Made ethically in India, this cotton grows long, luxurious fibres, which give it its special properties. The happy couple is sure to feel the difference.

Artisanne laundry basket

This handwoven Alibaba laundry basket.

Providing a surefire way to make dirty laundry look nice, this beautiful laundry basket will wow the newlyweds. Each basket has been skilfully handwoven in Senegal from ndiorokh grasses, intertwined with strips of repurposed plastic. It’s lightweight yet extremely sturdy, and comes with a 10 year guarantee - exclusive to our customers. Certified Fair Trade, and available in a range of patterns and colours. 

Piglet grey linen bedding set

A luxurious linen bedding set.

If you’re not already aware of linen’s benefits, its moisture wicking properties can actually aid sleep. It keeps you fresh and cool in the summer, whilst still feeling cosy in winter - and it even gets softer and softer with every wear and wash. Our linen bedding sets by Piglet come in a wide variety of colours, all sewn from 100% stonewashed French linen. Now that’s a wedding gift to cherish forever.

Denby crockery set

A gorgeous stoneware crockery set.

There’s nothing that says ‘we’re hitched’ quite like getting some proper plates. This Denby crockery is stoneware ceramic - meaning it’s fired at an extra-high temperature for durability. That means superior resistance to chips, cracks and breakage. And that means the happy couple needn’t save this beautiful cobalt blue dinner set for special occasions only. Available in sets of four or six.

Viners cutlery set

This top-quality cutlery set.

Good quality cutlery is something people often skip on investing in - so it makes a great gift for newlyweds looking to upgrade their household. This Mayfair set by Viners is made from quality 18/10 stainless steel, which means it has superior durability and shine. With a satisfying weight and mirror finish, it’s covered by a generous 50 year warranty - plenty of time for dinner parties and stay-at-home dates.


For the couple


Ceren lounge gown


Matching lounge gowns.

There’s no better couples gift than a pair of luxurious robes to snuggle up in together. Made from a comfy linen-cotton blend, these unisex robes by Lüks Linen are perfect for cosy evenings and long Sunday morning breakfasts. Available with either ink or tan detailing (so they can tell theirs apart), each one is traditionally woven in Turkey from sustainable threads. They even carry a 20 year repair or replace guarantee, so you can be sure your gift will last.

Risdon & Risdon aprons

Lifetime guaranteed aprons.

Cooking as a couple gets that little bit more fun with a pair of matching aprons, handcrafted in the UK by apron experts Risdon & Risdon. Choose from heavyweight denim or colourful canvas options, trimmed with leather or cork straps. Not only do these aprons look great, they’re satisfyingly sturdy too, with each one carrying a lifetime guarantee.

Piglet linen pyjamas

These super-comfy linen pyjamas.

Couples pyjamas are a real treat, and these unisex linen PJs by Piglet in Bed are pure luxury. In blueberry blue French linen, they’re perfect for year-round lounging, and just get softer and softer the more you wear them. These PJs are available in other colours too, such as grey, pink, midnight stripe and white - just make sure you’ve got the right men’s or women’s sizing.

Elvis & Kresse wallet

A wallet or purse made from recycled fire hose.

Elvis & Kresse take decommissioned fire hoses salvaged from British Fire Brigades, and turn them into ultra-durable accessories. Their wallets, purses and bags make fantastic gifts, and are built to last a lifetime of wear and tear. This wallet is one of our bestsellers - or why not gift the couple a fire hose luggage tag, wash bag or travel case for their honeymoon?

Blunt umbrellas

These ultra-strong umbrellas.

Our Blunt umbrellas are engineered to withstand seriously wild weather - the perfect antidote to flimsy throwaway brollies. Whether you gift the couple a pair of brollies or a big one to share, they make a brilliant practical gift that’s sure to get plenty of use. Available in a range of colours and sizes, including fun limited edition patterns. 

Minirig Bluetooth speaker

A sturdy Bluetooth speaker.

Perfect for picnics, days at the beach, festivals and camping - the Minirig will be a long-lasting companion the happy couple will take everywhere. UK-made with a sturdy, repairable design, these speakers pump out loud, clear sound whilst offering exceptional battery life. Choose from the Minirig Mini or the larger Minirig 3, and accompany either with an optional Sub 3 subwoofer to supercharge the bass.

Briggs & Riley suitcase

An everlasting suitcase.

Set up the newlyweds for a stress-free honeymoon - and a lifetime of holidays - with our outstanding Briggs & Riley luggage. No more busted zips or broken wheels abroad - these suitcases are lightweight yet super-strong, and even come with an unconditional lifetime repairs guarantee. A luxurious, yet highly practical gift they’re sure to appreciate.


Still looking for that perfect wedding gift? Make it one that will last for life. For more long-lasting products of quality, take a look at our kitchen essentials edit, our homewares range, our bestsellers or our lifetime guaranteed collection.

February 03, 2022 — Jasmine Vorley