Thinking of wedding present ideas for the bride and groom can be a stressful event. Do you go personalised? Do you buy separate gifts or one for the couple? What if you don’t know the couple well and they don’t have a registry? But most importantly, how do you know if the wedding present idea you have will last a lifetime?

Don’t panic – this is our raison d'être! We’ve pulled together 30 of our bestselling long lasting wedding present ideas for you. You don’t even have to go scrambling through our gifting page (though you can if you want!)

Furthermore, we’ve categorised these ideas based on recipient so the search is even simpler. Whether you’re on the hunt as a guest buying for the couple, the bride looking for the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts, or a groom searching for a present for your bride, we’ve got you covered.

30 long lasting wedding present ideas |

Wedding Present Ideas for the Couple

This beautiful heirloom copper kettle uses the same hand-tinning techniques used during the Edwardian period and looks stunning on the hob.

Any eco-friendly newlywed couple would be pleased to receive this 10-year guaranteed manual espresso maker.

Set them up with bedding for their entire marriage with this soft linen double duvet set guaranteed for 50 years!

Mood lighting, anyone? Add a little elegance to their dining table with this long lasting LED light bulb and pendant set.

Spruce up their living area with this fabulous upcycled leather rug.

Every newlywed likes a cuddle. Help them stay cosy with this handwoven Turkish blanket with a 20-year fixing guarantee!

This natural non-stick iron skillet is the only pan they (and their future generations) will ever need.

Does the couple love an evening tipple? These nearly indestructible glass tumblers are a great wedding present idea.

Buying for a couple who loves to cook? Grab them a pair of matching lifetime guaranteed aprons.

You know there’s going to be harder days ahead, so get them this stoneware takeaway set for those nights they can’t be bothered.

30 long lasting wedding present ideas |

Wedding Present Ideas for the Bride

This beautiful silver linked bracelet is both delicate and refined and comes with a BuyMeOnce exclusive warranty.

This sterling silver necklace is a timeless contemporary piece; make it even more personal by choosing a special silver charm.

Are you both big into exotic holiday spots? Grab her a pair of customised unbreakable sunglasses.

This gorgeous leather rucksack handbag is an heirloom piece she can treasure and wear forever.

Does she love cuddling up in a cosy robe? Treat her to this handwoven Turkish lounge gown that comes with a 20-year repair policy.

30 long lasting wedding present ideas |

Wedding Present Ideas for the Groom

If he’s an audiophile, you can’t go wrong with the most durable portable bluetooth speaker on the market.

Let him lounge around in comfort and style with this soft, handwoven Turkish robe with a 20-year repair policy.

The perfect wedding present idea for the traveller: a super durable, reclaimed fire hose duffel.

Does your man like to keep groomed? He’ll love this brilliant low-waste shaving kit.

For sunny days for the rest of his life: a pair of customisable unbreakable sunglasses.

30 long lasting wedding present ideas |

Wedding Present Ideas for the Bridesmaids

Your ladies will love cosying up with this versatile handwoven peshtemal.

The girls will thank you for this practical yet stunning gift that will help them never lose another earring!

Treat the ladies to an at-home spa day with these sweet-smelling bath salts.

If you’re feeling super generous, we’re sure one of these upcycled fire hose purses would go over famously.

Corralling a crew of fashionistas in your bridal party? Try gifting them one of these super soft linen scarf accessories.

30 long lasting wedding present ideas |

Wedding Present Ideas for the Groomsmen

These cuff links are a classic wedding present idea for the groomsmen with an upcycled twist!

Get them a pen that will write for a lifetime (even if they’re underwater or in zero gravity!) They can be personalised for that extra touch.

Stylish yet heavy on sound quality, this bamboo phone speaker is a funky, planet-friendly present.

Excellent for the wedding day and every day after, they’ll love the soothing effects of this shave balm.

It’ll never rain on their parade with one of these lifetime guaranteed mini umbrellas up their sleeve.

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May 17, 2019 — Amanda Saxby