15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies, Cooks and Bakers

15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies, Cooks and Bakers

Posted By Amanda Saxby

You would think that finding gifts for a foodie would be the easiest task in the world, but when it comes down to it someone with impeccable taste can be a nightmare to buy for. But never fear! BuyMeOnce has gone scouring the earth for the crème de la crème of kitchenware and accessories, so read on for an array of food-related gifts perfect for the foodie in your life. Because let’s face it, it’s in your best interests to encourage their love of cooking.

15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies, Cooks and Bakers | uk.buymeonce.com

Gifts for Foodies Under £20

Duralex Versailles Mugs

Has your giftee been practising their skills with the espresso maker? Get them the ideal gift to show off their expertly made cappuccinos. These nearly indestructible Versailles mugs are a Duralex bestseller and are crafted from tempered glass for extra durability. Get them a pack of six for only £10.

Beeswax Cheese Wraps

Does your foodie go a little overboard on wine and cheese night and often buy enough cheese for 12 (instead of four)? Help them protect their delicious investment with beeswax wrap! The cheese-sized pieces of wrap will keep all the leftover cheese fresh and contain any pungent odours. This Cheese Pack of three wraps is only £15.

Duralex Glass Ramekins

Is your foodie a soufflé or crème brûlée lover? Get them this tempered glass ramekin set! Able to withstand blistering heat up to 300°C, they’re perfect for burgeoning pastry chefs and home cooks alike. This pack of four shatter-proof ramekins is only £8.

Starter Pack Beeswax Wraps

If your giftee cooks often, they’re well-versed in the leftovers game and probably have a crisper full of half-eaten veg or last night’s soup sloshing around in the fridge. Give them a gift that covers all bases with this beeswax wrap pack – keep their creations fresh and the planet plastic-free. This Starter Pack of three wraps is only £20.

Duralex Picardie Tumblers

These classic Picardie tumblers are used in bars and cafés around the world due to their high-quality design and unsurpassable durability. Tough enough to withstand everyday use but beautiful enough for the celebration table, this is a gift your recipient will appreciate every time they pour themselves a drink. Get them a pack of six for only £13.99.

15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies, Cooks and Bakers | uk.buymeonce.com

Gifts for Foodies Under £50

Silverwood Foldaway Cake Pan

Any baker on your list will appreciate this all-in-one foldaway cake pan. This square baking tin comes with six interlocking panels so you can create any size square or rectangular cake. It’s also easy to clean and store and guaranteed for 10 years. Gift it for only £26.50.

Duralex Amboise Wine Glasses

Have a wine connoisseur in your life? Impress them with these tempered wine glasses crafted from entirely one piece. The design of the glasses protects the stem, the area usually most vulnerable to breakage – the glass is thickest where the base meets the stem and where the stem meets the chalice. Perfect for bottle after bottle. Get them a set of 12 for only £46.

Bialetti Moka Express

Kick their espresso game up a notch or two with this Italian-made Moka Express. An iconic product that can be found in nine out of ten Italian households, it produces a rich, authentic espresso in minutes – perfect for rush-out-the-door mornings and lazy afternoons alike. Gift it for only £25.68.

Denby Jet Serving Bowl

For the foodie who loves to entertain, get them this gorgeous handcrafted stoneware serving bowl. The contrasting black, grey and white tones are a bold statement on any table, and it works beautifully for any dish from salads to curries and crisps to bread. Gift it for only £28.50.

Stellar Art Deco Teapot

This retro-inspired teapot is the perfect gift for the tea lover on your list. Made from argon welded stainless steel and featuring a lifetime guarantee, this gift will warm them from the inside out. Get them this stunning teapot for only £48.99.

15 Meaningful Gifts for Foodies, Cooks and Bakers | uk.buymeonce.com

Gifts for Foodies Under £150

Risdon & Risdon Cotton Apron

Chef, baker or carpenter? Whatever your giftee’s hobby, this classic, robust cotton canvas apron will serve them well for a lifetime. Every apron is cut by hand for a superior fit and trimmed in either full grain leather or vegan Portuguese cork with reinforced corners and riveted pockets. This is the ultimate in kitchen-wear finery. Gift it for £125.

Solidteknics 26cm Skillet

The perfect all-rounder gift for any foodie, this 26cm satin skillet comes with a multi-century guarantee and outperforms heavier cast iron equivalents. Built from seamless iron, this pan has no breakage points and features a natural non-stick treatment after seasoning. Gift it for £127.90.

Denby Natural Canvas Tea Set

This beautiful and functional tea set would make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys serving or attending afternoon tea. The stunning neutral tones and timeless shapes will suit any other serving ware, and the handcrafted stoneware base makes it exceptionally durable. Gift this tea set for £90.

Wusthof Classic Ikon Knives Set

Whether your foodie is just moving out and stocking up a new kitchen or their knives are just too blunt to be of any use, this three-piece cook’s set makes a great gift. Featuring a paring knife, carving knife and 8” cook’s knife, this set is backed by a lifetime guarantee and boasts unquestionable durability, balance and beauty. Gift this set for £150.

Solidteknics Crêpe Pan

If you have a die-hard crêpe lover on your list, we couldn’t recommend this versatile pan enough. This low-sided formed iron skillet is perfect for flipping pancakes or flash-frying steaks and comes with a multi-century guarantee. Gift it for £127.90.

Note: Product prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publication.

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