There’s something really satisfying about giving someone a gift you know they’ll have forever. But as we all know, quality products tend to require a little investment. Fortunately, this list of best gifts under £50 contains a wide range of buy-once items that won’t break the bank.

These gifts are practical, beautifully-made and ready to go the distance. From everlasting socks and cast iron utensils to safety razors and mugs, we think there’s something for everyone.

Everlasting stainless steel clothes pegs.

Pincinox stainless steel clothes pegs

With their ergonomic design and lifetime guarantee against rust, these versatile pegs are a household saviour that will genuinely last a lifetime. Why keep buying plastic pegs that degrade in sun and frost, when you can keep a set of Pincinox pegs on the washing line year-round? Lovingly handmade in France since 1970.

Lifetime guaranteed socks.

Darn Tough socks
Socks they’ll actually be pleased to receive! Warm, comfy and odour resistant, Darn Tough make Merino wool socks both for hiking and everyday wear. Their astonishing no-quibble lifetime guarantee means that you can get free replacements, forever - simply send back any holey socks for a new pair. Made by a family company in Vermont, USA.

Traditional enamelware.

Falcon enamelware
Practical and versatile, our Falcon enamel products represent traditional designs that are ready to last a lifetime. They’re made from heavy-gauge steel, double-coated with a porcelain enamel. From classic pie dishes to utilitarian dinner plates, these versatile pieces are great for picnics, hiking or everyday use at home.

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button.

A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button
Do you want to give someone practical, accessible advice about buying for life? Our founder, Tara Button, literally wrote the book on it. It’s full of useful exercises and insider advice on how to make more mindful, fulfilling shopping choices. Help someone change the way they shop, for good.

Long-life tights.

Hēdoïne tights
If you know someone who wears tights a lot, they’ll probably be frustrated with how flimsy and uncomfortable they are. Give them an upgrade with a pair of our Hēdoïne tights - silky, strong and completely seamless (goodbye gussets). Their 20 and 40 denier tights are guaranteed never to ladder. And have you seen their biodegradable tights too?

Stoneware mugs.

Denby Halo mug
Denby’s mugs make a morning cuppa something a little special. Crafted in Derbyshire and carrying a 10 year guarantee, they’re made from a highly robust stoneware ceramic. Say goodbye to tacky, chipped mugs - and get someone their new favourite.

Safety razors.

Rockwell razors
Know someone stuck in a cycle of expensive throwaway plastic razors? Get them to try something different. These razors might look a little intimidating, but they’re actually nothing like your grandad’s safety razors. Rockwell have re-engineered them from the ground up, meaning no nicks or cuts - just the comfiest shave of your life.

Turkish bath towels.

Lüks Linen peshtemal
A ‘peshtemal’ is traditionally a lightweight cotton bath towel - but it can also be a throw, a blanket, sarong or tablecloth. These beautiful textiles are great for holidays, or evenings out where an extra layer might be needed. What’s more, these super-versatile gifts carry the Lüks Linen 20 year repair or replace guarantee.

Lifetime salt and pepper grinders.

Peugeot pepper grinder
A true kitchen classic. Long before they started making cars, Peugeot have manufactured iconic pepper mills in their French factory since 1874. Do you know someone who always has a disposable plastic pepper grinder by the stove? These Paris mills carry a lifetime guarantee on the grinding mechanism, so they’ll never have to buy another.

Cast iron spice mills.

Skeppshult cast iron spice mill, large
The perfect gift for foodies. Available in a small or large size, these Swedish-made spice mills are a fantastic way to grind whole spices such as coriander seeds or star anise (pre-toasted or not). The heft of the cast iron makes short work of pulverising them to powder.

Pro utility knife.

Füri Pro Utility Knife, 15cm
An everyday kitchen essential. With a patented ergonomic wedge handle and super-sharp Japanese steel blade, Füri’s versatile utility knife carries a 25-year guarantee. That seamless design is hygienic and easy to clean too.

Cast iron mortar and pestle.

Cast iron mortar and pestle
This solid little mortar and pestle has been handcrafted in southern Sweden, and carries a 25 year guarantee. The heavy cast iron makes grinding spices swift and effortless. Made in a traditional forge run on green energy from wind and hydropower.

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October 25, 2021 — Jasmine Vorley